The Good Part of a Pencil is the first cd Jerry recorded, back in 1992. It’s a fusion treat, featuring the Jerry Jennings Group, led of course by guitarist Jerry Jennings. On the CD, you’ll find Jennings playing off band members Paul Kreis on drums and Geoff Martin on bass, giving him a chance to show his unique soloing ability over the nine instrumental tunes. With Jennings’ compositions, you’ll always find a blend of the normal with the abnormal, the sweet with the bitter, and the emotional with the humorous. Fairly educated in music, Jennings proudly proclaims knowing just enough to be dangerous. One listen to tracks such as “Lake Of Fire”, “High Tide” and the title cut, and you’ll be transformed into a fan of Jennings special brand of jazz/rock fusion. A worthy debut. Instrumental Guitar (Electric/Fusion), total running time, 39:29