Jerry Jennings’ Signs Of Humanity is a 2002 release on Pet Baja Records that represents a collection of tunes rescued from the archives of four distinct eras since his first CD (“The Good Part Of A Pencil”, released in 1992). The CD offers an eclectic ensemble of nine instrumental jazz-rock fusion tunes, and a few that would be better dubbed instrumental rock. The highlights include the amazing “Drop In The Bucket”, “Air Camel”, and the silky smooth “Six More Times” (which, like “Air Camel”, features Pete Lehman on sax). During equipment upgrades, Jennings decided to pull these tunes together for a retrospective CD. Originally recorded on Alesis ADATs, they were lightpiped in with the Motu 2408, and prepared for release on a PC. Signs Of Humanity is a highly enjoyable album, and a perfect companion CD to his debut. Instrumental Guitar (Electric/Fusion), total running time, 40:46.

Signs of Humanity - Jerry Jennings